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Funeral Professionals, designers, or someone in sales can sign up.

Elevate your income and enhance the value you bring to grieving families with our specialized partnership program for obituary services.

By joining forces with us, you gain access to a unique platform that not only honors the memory of loved ones but also provides a lucrative opportunity for financial growth.

Collaborate with us to offer a seamless and personalized obituary service that meets the diverse needs of clients.

Embrace this opportunity to make a meaningful impact and increase your financial prosperity in the realm of obituary services.

What are the benefits of our partnership?

We are excited to introduce our tiered discount structure designed exclusively for our valued partners.

TIER D: this starts you with our partnership program.

TIER C: the benefits increase with a 10% discount, providing even more cost savings.

TIER B: the benefits increase with a 15% discount, providing even more cost savings.

TIER A: the highest tier gains you the maximum discounts.

Our Quality Products

We provide top-tier funeral-related printing items that stand out in the market, specializing in premium designs. Modern families are looking for more than traditional funeral programs or products. We guarantee the highest quality products, demonstrating our proficiency and expertise in delivering outstanding results.

Turnaround Times

Similar to our regular customers, anticipate outstanding turnaround times. Please consult our turnaround cut-off times schedule for reference.

As our partners, you benefit from the added advantage of not only swift service but also cost-effective order fulfillment.

How do I sign up?

Enroll by creating an account and emailing us. We’ll get in touch with you to determine your eligibility for our recently established partnership.

What is the approval process for a partnerhip?

Once we receive all the necessary information from you, we will contact you to let you low your eligibility for the partnership program.

I'm approved to become a partner now what?

Once approved, you can start earning commission as a trusted partner through our program.

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