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Whether you’re looking for funeral programs, memorial posters, funeral bookmarks, prayer cards, or any other printing related to funerals and memorials, we offer a comprehensive range of services. Explore our process below and begin the journey of creating a personalized and meaningful commemoration.

Click on “How To Write An Obituary” tab (located on the bottom of website) for ideas on how to Write an obituary.

Writing The Obituary

Craft a thoughtful and meaningful obituary. Include anecdotes, achievements, hobbies, and other personal details that capture the essence of the person’s life.

Gather Information

Collect all the necessary information about the deceased, including their full name, dates of birth and death, surviving family members, educational and professional background, and any other relevant details.


The Right Cover Photo

Choose a suitable photo of the deceased. Ensure that it is clear and high-resolution. Check if there are any specific guidelines regarding the photo’s format or size.


Carefully proofread the obituary for accuracy. Check names, dates, and other details to avoid any errors. We do not take responsibility for any spelling errors, including names, dates, and places.

Verify Contact Information

When submitting your contact information make sure it is the person who has the final say so in the whole design and printing process. If multiple people are involved it can delay the process. Double-check the contact information provided, especially if you need to be reached for any clarifications or approvals during the submission process

Submit Online

With our online submission form, fill it out with the required information. Upload the obituary text and the chosen photo according to the specified guidelines.

Review & Confirm

Review the submitted information before finalizing the submission. Ensure that all details are accurate and meet the platform’s requirements.

Follow Up

After submission, check for any confirmation emails or notifications from CYPT Memorials. You may check your spam folder if needed.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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